Do you Need a Purpose in Life? - Reasons for Purpose


You can live a nice happy life without any purpose or meaning. That's what most animals do.


It just feels Great to have a Purpose,

To have a Reason to get up in the morning..

To know that you're making a difference..

To Do something more in this world..

And To help others along the way.

I've written a lot about how to Find/Create your Purpose in life.

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Here's one method I use:

Imagine you're 80 years old and thinking about your life...

  1. What are the things I’m proud of?
  2. What are the highlights of my life?
  3. What are the things I wish I did?

Think about these Questions and Write down some of the things that come into mind.

Why This Works:

  • Reflection illuminates the things that matter most in your life.
  • Difficult things can turn into highlights over time.
  • You always have time to change your life.

More Methods and Help: