Reforming Education

We Want to Reform Education for Millennials

by Building an Academy

that teaches Field-tested, Real-Life advice

in a Simple, Entertaining, Visual and Story-Driven way.

Purpose: Reform Education

Target audience: Millennials

Mission: Build an Academy that teaches Field-tested, Real-Life advice

Skills (Strengths): Simple, Entertaining, Visual and Story-Driven.

Jesse Redheart

  • Created social media marketing campaigns for pop- and rap stars, celebrities and public figures.
  • Campaigns included Music videos, websites, advertisement, online sales and partnerships.
  • Clients: JBL, Go-pro, Soulja Boy, Tyga, Justin Bieber, Nash Grier and Capitol Records...
  • Planned and organized international gaming events.
  • Partners included Acer, Ford, Futuremark and Nintendo...
  • More about me:


I was complaining about education again. I realized that I've been complaining about it for about 20 years now.

"Why is this required? Why doesn't any of this apply to real life?"

"Why the Fuck do I need a degree to do a job I can learn in a few days?"

I felt like most of what was being taught was IRRELEVANT and OUTDATED.

I was so frustrated,

It was time to actually do something about it.

I had to figure out a better way. A way to teach important life skills that are USEFUL and RELEVANT for people in this day and age.

So I started from the beginning and helped people answer this basic question:

"What the Fuck should I do with my life?"

After helping a bunch of people I finally developed a Simple way to do it.

This became the first course on Redheart Academy: 6 ways to Find your Purpose

...This is only the Beginning.

We'll take on some of the most important questions in life and teach them to you in an entertaining and visual way!

This is the Future of Education!